Diary of Ellen Jones (episode Three)

Ellen was getting ready for yet another date with Femi, she had just stepped out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around her body, when she heard her cellphone ringing. She hurried over to pick it up from her bed and quickly answered it when she noticed it was her mum calling. “Hey mum” she said with a smile, “hello baby came the response from the other end . “How have you been dear?” Her mother asked. “ I’ve been doing fine mum” she replied “I’m sorry I couldn’t make it home for dad’s birthday, I was very busy over here at school with lots of tests and projects” she explained, “for the hundredth time baby it’s okay, your father and I perfectly understand..it’s just that we miss you a lot.,when are you coming home?” She asked. “Soon mum, soon” Ellen replied happily. Her mother couldn’t help but notice how happy and elated Ellen sounded while on the phone with her, there was a sense of Joy and happiness in her voice that she just had to ask Ellen about it, “you seem to be in a very good mood honey, what’s going on?” Yes mum I’m always in a good mood these days mum” Ellen replied “Hmm..nice this happiness wouldn’t have to do with a guy now would it?” Her mum asked “ Mum you’re too nosy” Ellen replied chuckling. “Yeah I know” her mum replied with a smirk, “now I want you to tell me all about it” “Okay mum” Ellen replied as she chatted on about Femi to her mum, who just kept quiet listening to it all. “ Sounds like a wonderful young man” her mum said after Ellen was done talking. “Yes mum” he is she replied. “Well I’m glad you’re happy that’s all that matters to me..and tell Femi I’ll love to speak with him soon”. “Okay mum I will” Ellen said glancing over at the wall clock “mum I’ve got to finish getting ready, Femi would be here soon” “ Okay baby, I hope to hear all about the outcome of this date when next we speak” her mum said giggling “Love you mum” Ellen said “Love you too baby” came the reply as she put down the phone to get back to getting dressed.

Ellen’s mum clutched the phone to her chest smiling widely at the thought of her daughter been in love.She had to be from the way she gushed over him and chatted on happily about him only meant that her little girl had finally found love and she was happy about that. Even though her husband Ellen’s dad has his eyes and heart set on his best friend’s son Daniel, she was happy love had found Ellen instead and she wasn’t going to ruin it. She was going to stay happy and quiet about it all which meant she wasn’t going tell her husband about Femi until Ellen was willing to do it herself.

Ellen walked over to her closet and pulled out a yellow off shoulder sundress and a black sandal to go with it.Putting it on she sat by her bedside stool applying makeup to her face. She had just finished brushing her hair when she heard the door bell ring. With a smile on her face she opened up the door to allow Femi into her apartment. Femi couldn’t take his eyes off the woman standing in front of him. She was looking so beautiful in that yellow dress he thought to himself. The dress had hung to her body tightly revealing her beautiful curves and lovely skin. The dress fitted perfectly to her slender curvy body hugging at her full round breasts revealing a little bit of cleavage and long slender legs from beneath it. Femi eyed her hungrily, desire and want flooding through him. She was so beautiful and tempting in every way that he was beginning to doubt if he would be able to keep his hands off her. Ellen was a virgin and didn’t want to have sex until she was married and Femi had agreed to be celibate with her. But with each passing moment he spent with her he doubted if he could actually keep to his promise. Ellen stood there at the doorway watching Femi as he looked at her with hungry eyes making her body tingle with want and desire as well . It took all her might and will power to fight the urge of taking him in her arms and doing things to him that she had fantasized about for a while now, stepping into the apartment after what seemed like forever he gathered her up in his arms and brushed his lips against hers kissing her softly. “You look very beautiful” he murmured against her lips as he deepened the kiss and much to his delight she wove her hands around his neck pressing her soft body against his hard chiseled chest. A moan escaped from her lips as his hands ran circles down her back and settled on her waist. He had to let go now he thought before he took her there and then. With a loud groan he stepped back breaking out from the kiss. Eyes flushed and cheeks a bright red, Ellen brushed a lock of hair from her face gathering her emotions in place. “I’m so sorry baby, but I had to put a stop to it because it was becoming too dangerous” he said looking into her eyes apologetically “of course” she replied with a smile. Maybe been celibate was a bad idea after all she thought because all she wanted right now was to feel Femi’s hands all over her body and all of him inside her. They had a reservation to catch and they we’re running late. Taking his outstretched arm Ellen walked out into the night with her man to enjoy yet another night of been in his company.

To be Continued………….

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Diary of Ellen Jones(episode Two)

“Ellen” the voice called after her as she was walking down the hallway towards the cafeteria, “ that voice sounds familiar” she said to herself as she turned around so that their gazes could meet. “Oh” she muttered it’s the guy from this morning , “Hi” he said, “Hi” she replied curtly “ Well you left in a hurry the other time, you dropped this along with your books” he said holding out a bracelet “ Oh my bracelet” she said with a smile “Been looking out for you, so I could give it back” he said handing it over to her “Well , thanks again” she said with a smile. “You’re welcome, so tell me why we’re you in such a hurry earlier?” he asked “I was late for class” she replied. “Oh okay….,so can I take you out to lunch.. would love to know more about you” he asked, “I’m so sorry, I can’t right now, I’ve got somewhere I need to be” she replied curtly “Okay then, guess I’ll be seeing you around” he said “Yeah, sure bye” she said and walked off leaving Femi mesmerized by her beauty once again. “Men she thought always the same..sweet and charming at the beginning”. She’s had her few shares of bad relationships, all two relationships she had been in ended badly, so she really wasn’t ready for another. That’s why she kept her distance from guys on campus. Not that she wasn’t beautiful she thought, they all wanted something she wasn’t ready to give and immediately they found that out their songs and acts of love stopped immediately leaving her heartbroken. Ellen was indeed a beauty to behold, she was 5foot tall, her eyes were a deep brown and she had really curly hair which was all natural. She wore a tight fitting top which stuck perfectly to her luscious breasts and a mini skirt which stuck to her plump ass, exposing long slender legs. Not that her breasts and ass were the biggest out there but they fitted her slender body to a fault. So much so that if there were to be such a thing as been perfect, then the way her ass complimented her figure and the way her breasts were placed perfectly, she would be called perfect. She walked into the cafeteria pulled out a chair and sat down looking into her phone. “So this is where you had to be?” He asked. Is he following me around she wondered “Yeah, waiting for someone” she replied. “Boyfriend?”he asked “No not boyfriend” she replied not looking up from her phone .Hmm, she’s a tough one Femi thought to himself,she’s not even looking up from her phone. “ Hey babes” a female voice called out to Ellen pulling Femi from his thoughts. “Hey” Ellen replied as Aisha walked towards the table. “Oh hello handsome” Aisha said with a smile looking at Femi “Hi” he replied. “ Let’s go” Ellen said to her friend “I’m really tired you know” she said pulling her friend with her as she walked off . “ Hey, what’s your problem?” Aisha asked “and who’s that cutie?” “No one, just someone I bumped into this morning and he’s been following me ever since” Ellen replied “well he’s a cutie” Aisha said blushing. “Stop it, you know that’s the last thing on my mind right now” Ellen replied “Just because some jerks came your way doesn’t mean all guys are the same you know” Aisha replied “ well they are the same to me, and I’m really not interested in getting my heart broken again, so please stop all these your sermons”Ellen said to her friend “Okay oh” Aisha responded rolling her eyes at Ellen.

Femi was on his way home from class the next day when he spots Ellen sitting on the rays of the sidewalk looking into her phone. He thinks of walking up to her, but changes his mind as she might end up been cold to him again. So he walks away but then again walks back up to her. “Hi” he said, “Hi she replied looking up at him with a smile. He really was good looking she thought. Femi was tall and dark in complexion, his skin was the color of chocolate brown, he had broad shoulders and a tiny waist with long legs . He had the most amazing hazel eyes she had ever seen. He sure did work out she thought to herself. “Good afternoon” he said “Good afternoon she replied giving him room so he could sit beside her. “It’s Femi right?” She asked “Yeah Femi” he replied with a smile. “Do you mind if I take you out to lunch?” He asked “No I don’t” she replied. Wow he thought, she’s in a good mood today, and to think I almost missed out on this walking away at first. Thank goodness I came back he thought to himself as they both walked towards the Cafeteria. They arrived at the Cafeteria ordered some food and ate. Femi was a smooth talker and a jovial guy that Ellen began enjoying his company. They went out on more dates together and became very fond of each other that when Femi asked her to be his girlfriend, Ellen gladly accepted for she had never met anyone who made her smile and laugh like Femi did.This was the happiest she had ever been. “ I really did enjoy the movie” Ellen said as they approached her house on their way from the cinema “Me too baby” Femi replied with a smile “Goodnight baby” Ellen said as they got to her doorstep, “Good night” Femi replied and leaned forward to give her a kiss. His lips were soft and tender that Ellen couldn’t get enough of it, she leaned closer to him pressing her body against his. What was supposed to be a mere goodnight kiss escalated into something more as desire flooded the whole of Femi’s body. Damn he thought she had the softest lips ever, Ellen parted her lips and a small moan escaped her mouth. It was the best feeling ever, she had never been kissed like this before she thought. His tongue met with hers stroking it lovingly sending shivers down her spine. His hands began moving down the small of her back and settled on her waist pulling her even more closer to him. Ellen’s whole body erupted with pleasure making her shiver with desire. She wanted more and he gave her more.

To Be Continued……..

Diary of Ellen Jones(episode One)

“It’s over” Femi said to her.Ellen fell to the bed sitting,her body still trying to take in the words that still echoed in the room.Ellen saw her whole world crumbling right before her very eyes,the essence of her very existence was shattered,she felt like her heart had been ripped out of her body. “Femi” she muttered trying to find her voice but she was totally blank as the tears began rolling down her cheeks. “Femi,where did I go wrong?” She managed to speak. “I said it’s over, I can’t live like this anymore” he replied turning his back on her, “Look at me” Ellen pleaded her voice shaking. “Please look at me,make me understand where I went wrong” she pleaded. “Do not for a moment think you can make me change my mind by shedding those tears” he replied coldly still not taking a glance at her. Ellen sat still with her face buried in her palms, she wept uncontrollably. This can’t be happening she thought to herself , this must be a dream and I need to wake up,she thought shaking her head. “Look here,I’m going out and I don’t want to meet you over here when I get back, move your things over to the guest room,because I can’t stand been in the same room with you” he said and walked out slamming the door on his way out. Ellen glanced at the closed door, then at the photo frame by the bedside which had their wedding picture in it, she picked it up, holding it in her quivering hands, wiped her tears and looked into it, in it was a very happy Femi beaming with smiles and holding her in his arms. Ellen held the picture close to her heart as memories began flooding through her mind, she remembered their first date, their first kiss, the vows they had said to each other, she remembered everything. He’d mind drifted off to the day she had seen Femi for the first time. It was on a Monday morning, Ellen was in bed way to class “Damn I’m so late” she said to herself as she walked down the hall in frantic steps, when suddenly she bumped into someone making all her books fall to the floor “Great, just what I needed” she muttered as she bent down pick them up “ Oh dear, I’m so sorry” he said kneeling down beside her to help her pick up the scattered books, “Thanks” she replied as she got up on her feet, tugging the books back in her arms. “I’m Femi” he said stretching forth his hands for an handshake. “Ellen”she replied taking his hands in hers as they both shook hands. “Well thanks again, but I gotta go” she said as she hurried down the hallway leaving him staring at her as she scurried off. “Damn she’s beautiful” he said to himself as he kept on starring at her till she was out of sight.

To Be Continued

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